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Welcome Currently the web is under a overhaul status thank you again for your time.

Will update the pictures with the new mod's soon have to down load the pictures with CF interior, High mount wing, Rims, and Defi Heads up display


My 93 RX-7 FD3S  

Click the picture to see my car


Passenger Side view

Here you can see the passenger side in all its glory.

13 Hours after the paint is Finished

here the car sits before the clear coat and touch ups on side graphics.


Defi H.U.D installed

H.U.D again



Here are the Defi Gauges and my Health Monitor section of the car

Wide view gauges

a wide view looking towards the drivers side

close up

close up of monitor setup looking towards drivers side.

H.U.D Close up

H.U.D close up have had no problems seeing it in the day time.

Heart of car

Apexi FC Commander


the drivers/passenger compartment from out side the car

notice the RE CF 4 gauge holder

you figure this out


Rear end (notice the Doctor top right)

view of driver area

View from Passenger side of the driver area

Driver side

Outside drivers side of car (taken at Makers-7 Hiroshima)

Drivers only

here is a view that the driver sees for the most part

rear window and deck

view of rear window and deck area

close up

close up of rear window and deck area

rear passenger side

Here is a good picture of the custom gas cover and body graphics

engine compartment

engine compartment will be repainting this area soon

hmm again i say


  I would like to thank those that helped build this car from a stock black 7 to what it is today.

Bob the Nasa engineer Mester President of chaos car club and Expert Drift and drag Builder

Brad The deputy dog of the year

P' Res.



and the rest of Chaos Car Club Sasebo Japan

MAKERS-7 (Hiroshima Japan Hirata-Son & The Doctor)


OPTION Japan DÉBUT (before Rims, CF Interior, High Mount GT Wing, VSD install)



93 RX-7 R1 Model


Exterior/Engine: HKS Twin Plate Clutch, ONE  piece body kit back to front no seems, custom paint job, PIA HiD, HKS duel intake, Makers 7 Street ported engine, RE Engine mounts, Greddy Intercooler, Greddy radiator, Greddy BoV, 2000 model RX-7 Turbos, HKS Down Pipe, RE CF Bonnet, RE Side Mirrors, Grex Slotted Rotors,  NQPracing Custom gas cap, LED Tail Lights, URAS Side lights, VOLK 18" Rims, Apexi Power FC computer, C-West Side skirts, C-West Front Bumper, C-West Rear Bumper, HKS Suspension, Custom painted Engine Accessories, HKS Exhaust, Apexi Power FC Commander, URAS High Mount GT Wing

Interior: Defi Gauges ( Tachometer, Boost, Water Temp, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Exhaust Temp, Fuel Pressure, VSD Concept HUD Display) , RE CF 4 Gauge Holder, PLX A/F System/Monitor, MoMo Steering wheel, Viper Rear View Mirror Radar/Laser Detector, Greddy Boost Controller, Greddy Turbo Timer, Recaro Front Seats, RE CF Interior, Defi link control units,    

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